A great site that illustrates the uses of the TLC. At the end they break into T72’s used in Syria. What I was looking for was the Series 79 used as the JAl- Thalab Long Range patrol vehicles used by the British SF in Syria, sadly there are no series 79 Land Cruisers in 1/35 scale.


Hi Bill

I’m no Toyota expert, but it seems to me that there’s a family resemblance between the front of the Jankel Al-Thalab pick-up truck and the 75 series pick-up as replicated by Meng :

You would have to modify the engine hood and fenders though (amongst other things… :wink: )


I believe you are right, thanks for that correction. There seems to be a number of hood options for the Long Range Patrol Vehicle, the one you’ve shown is the fancy one with the inlaid shovel stowage, and a sexier bull bar.

The fenders seem to be enlarged or replaced in some vehicles as well. In some views this vehicle has the look of the old LRDG vehicles.

Hi, MMK IN THE Czech Republic make a Land Cruiser that might be suitable.

Regards Jason

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