Japanese paint

Hey fellow plastic junkies.
I have a question, pertaining to Japanese aircraft paint. Why does it not last on the Aircraft. It seems that they all suffer from poor paint adhesion. Is it poor priming at the time? Or poor quality paint? Or just a ton of modelers going for a unique look. Almost every aircraft I see has the paint literally falling off.
Thanks in advance to those that answer

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My understanding is that it is a mixture of poor paint quality late war, poor or lack of priming, and the harsh conditions of operating in the Pacific Ocean

I think a lot of people go overboard with this. But there are examples of aircraft that look quite rough. On my Ki-84 build I did some light chipping, around high traffic areas

On various islands in the Pacific there’s a lot of coral sand blowing around the landing strips. Coral sand plus all of the other normal factors excelled at chipping paint.

Good article: Weathering question

I’ll echo Armor_Buff. Tropical islands are not friendly to aircraft. However, I would also guess that if the planes Japan entered the war with had gotten shot down, their paint jobs would have lasted longer than the planes they were trying to push out quickly as replacements. No doubt short-cuts were taken, just as they were in late-war Germany, or pretty much all of Soviet history for that matter…


Excellent article thanks for the info, it’s all now making sense