JASDF A2A missiles

O.K, my 1/48 F-15J is inbound . (Shelved the Cal. ANG F-15C for the time being) I’m planning on an alert load out … 4XAAM-4s on the fuselage and 1 each AAM-3 and AAM-5 on each of the wing pylons. An actual load out? Or would 2X aam-3 OR AAM-5s be more logical? Looking for AAM-5s and found this.

What the hell is it? Doesn’t look like any JASDF AAM-5 I’ve ever seen photos of. Front looks like an AAM-3 , but … Great Wall has a set with the AAM-5 , but is as scarce as Muslim Swineherds. (If anybody has leads, I’m all ears.) Did find some 3D ones, but not sure the quality. Oh, one last thing, colors. Are the cockpits same as the US ones? And what are the exterior colors? Pattern looks the same as US ,but colors look lighter. (Need to order up paints.

Cant answer any of your questions, but have you seen this weapons set from Hasegawa?

Here are the few photos I found doing an image search of actual type load outs

Yeah, got the set on my wish list. Has the AAM-3 and 4. AAM-5 is the hard one. Both 947 (Chitose) and 919 (Okinawa) have the old AIM-7s and AAM-3s. AAM-4 started replaced the AIM-7 in 1999. AAM-3 came in in 1991. AAM-5 in 2004. Not sure how quickly the new missiles were phased in. (I saw sometalk about AAM -4s being supplemented with AIM-120.) Photo is the AAM-5. Looks nothing like the SOL resin ones. (SOL= Sh*t Outa Luck!!)