JASDF F-1 stores

Two questions on a “combat” load out for an F-1. My plan is centerline drop tank , inboard wing pylons with ejector rack and 2 X GCS-1/ Mk82, outboard pylon with 1 X CBU-87 . Question #1-were the wing mounted drop tanks the same as the centerline ones? Kit has 2 wing mounted 220 gal. tanks. Centerline is shown as a 220 also (leastwise according to the chart on the Hasegawa instructions) but eyeballing things it looks like the ground clearance will be on the order of the diameter of a gnats pubic hair. Different shaped tank for the centerline? Question #2 - Again, going by Hasegawa’s chart, it shows both wing pylons being able to carry 2X 500 lbs bombs on an ejector rack. So… pylons are rated for 1000 pounds ? Specs on the CBUs say they are just shy of 1000 lbs, so limit of 1 per pylon, I figure. This sound about right?