JASDF flight suits

Anybody know when the JASDF did away with the orange flight suits?

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Still in orange :tangerine: so after 1992?

Thanks. Wonder if they still use orange for flight school? One with the model T-34 looks kinda like a skydiver “Dirt Dive” … Also I think Warsaw Pact or PRC do a pre flight walk through too.

Looks like "Oh, Sh*t. What did I get myself into? ! "

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Maybe he thought class was about learning how to handle and maneuver this type of plane.

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I’m meeting with my counterpart from JASDF Air Defense Command tonight and can ask the question.


I live a short distance from Luke AFB, and there was a contingent of JASDF pilots training there on the F-35 a few years back. I ran into some in their off duty hours at a local BBQ place, who were wearing green flight suits while enjoying their meals.


Carlos, A+++ picture. Thumbs :+1:

According to my friend from ADC (former JASDF F-15 pilot), the orange flight suits were phased out about 20 years ago. Similar to Luftwaffe, the orange suits were for over-water training flights.


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Thanks. And thanks to your friend. Working on an F-1 and planning a T-2 from 3 Squadron. Seeing they switched to F-2s in 2004, sounds like orange would be appropriate. Related question, thinking of loading the T-2 with practice bomb carriers on the center line and outboard wing pylon. I find photos with the center line ,but not the wing pylons. (Course photos of JASDF birds with weapons seem to be the exception) Would seem only having 4 "bombs’ on a practice mission would hardly be worth the effort. (F-1 is planned with center line tank, 2X GCS-1 /Mk82s on the inboard wing pylon and 1(2?) CBUs on the outboard. Plus 2X AIM-9s on the wing tips)

I’ll have to track me down an F-2 guy to get verification of the kinds of training loadouts they typically carry. I think a light load sounds quite typical because they normally focus more on air-to-air than air-to-ground work and their access to A2G ranges to do live drops is pretty limited.


For what it’s worth…

T-2 with AIM-9B’s, JM117’s on the outboard pylons, and SUU-20 pods on the inboard pylons

4 x GCS-1/JM117 bomb :

T-2 with AIM-9E :

You can check out this thread for more info