JCB HMEE The High-Mobility Engineer Excavator Type 1 'inspirations' by AttakornChin | Armorama™

Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modellers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds.

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Say, can you post some more photos?

:blush: :blush:

Very nice. It looks great.

It looks amazing! The mud, splatter, and weathering effects are awesome…not too overdone and not too worn either.

Outstanding work on this, a really authentic look they’ve managed to achieve with the painting and weathering.

Very nice finish. The weathering and wear on the buckets both front and rear is the big jump out feature to me. Super realistic. @joepanzer Joe, did you try opening the link so see more images ? ignore this if youve already done it :+1:

Absolutely top job!!!