Jeep Mobile Cinema

Here an old project realised on 2019
I find some archives pictures really original
Photo take inNew Guinea


KIT is Ford GPW BRONCO MODELS 1/35 and figurine come from Panzer

I made a mistake on the registration number which I corrected

A big thank you to Mike from forum HMVFwho pointed out my mistake here is his original message from the time
Pretty difficult to read, but it has to be a six digit number starting with 14, so 14XXXX. Note the GMC further along the line has what appears to be a 5 digit number, but the sixth number is just partly visible. The fourth digit on the jeep appears to be a ’ 7’, so 14X7XX.

If the third digit is a β€˜2’, the possibilities are: 142758 to 142799 inclusive.

The third digit cannot be a β€˜3’, as the only jeeps in that series are 143000 to 143085, ie none with a β€˜7’ fourth digit.

The third digit cannot be a β€˜5’ , as there are none with a β€˜7’ fourth digit.

The third digit cannot be a β€˜6’, as there are no possibles with a β€˜7’ as the fourth digit.

The third digit cannot be an β€˜8’ as all the 148xxx series are trailers.

The third digit could be a β€˜9’. If so, the possibles are:











The above are the only possibilities for the registration number of the jeep in the image.

A little bit of detective work based on the images shows that 122 Mobile Cinema worked with 6th Infantry Division at Wewak, New Guinea in November 1945. 122 Aust Mob Cinema was one of a group of mobile cinemas formed at wars end to entertain the troops after hostilities ceased. We know that the images were taken while operating with 6th Infantry Division because the unit sign on the GMC CCKW353 is 2-4 over 91, which is the unit sign of 2/4th Aust General Transport Platoon, which was part of the 6th Division.

Hope that all helps to provide a better β€˜picture’ of what your model represents.



Hello Frederic!
That’s an interesting find and a good model subject idea. Nicely done, too!
Thanks for sharing and have a nice day


Merci beaucoup !!

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