Jeff Shiu JS120102 120 mm Resin Scale Model WWII German Paratrooper w/FG42 machine gun, italy, circa 1944

Anybody know where I can get the above figure? Jeff Shiu’s website is not working for months now. Thanks!

Best I recall he hasn’t ever had a order site like most. I would email.

There has been no response at that e-mail for over a year. I believe he went out of business with the pandemic. Thank you for responding though.

So why is this site listing new releases from him ?
i.e. 1/16 US tank riders ?

Yeah, still in business. July 7th posted about his latest ‘First Special Service Force,Italy 1943-44’.

As I understand it, he only sells direct. Maybe the email didn’t go through or his system thought it was spam.

Thank you gentlemen for your responses. I really don’t know what to think. I have tried to reach him for over a year now believe it or not at that e-mail checking spam all the time. I e-mailed him yesterday once again I am hoping perhaps he’ll respond during business hours. I am in Florida and he is in Hong Kong. Thanks again.

I know I was having trouble communicating with a manufacturer and wasn’t till he saw a post here and sent me a message here did we get it worked out. Maybe join Planet Figures and contact Pink Floyd (Jeff).

Thank you. I appreciate it.

I have been buying from him for years and he is still in business. Definitely try again. If you need more help then i can try and help.

Thank you so much. Do you contact him at His figures are fantastic.

Mr. Bigtodd, please help me out to contact him or have him contact me at Please let me know either way. Thanks a lot!