Jet Fuel

On another forum, one man who served in the military said that jet fuel is actually just kerosene. Is that really true?

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There’s been several different blends used some have gas and other additives mixed in to avoid corrosion and icing etc.

A quick google suggests that jet fuel is a highly refined variant of Kerosene. Probably similar to the difference between regular and high octane gasoline

Yes, Avtur is basically kerosene with additives to stop icing and other stuff that grows in it. Gasoline/petrol would melt a gas turbine engine.

Jet fuel - Wikipedia

actually JP-4 and diesel are not all that far apart in make up. Diesel has oil added while the other does not

A good dry martini is pretty close to most jet fuel


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When I worked at Good Hope Refinery in Norco in 1981 that’s what I was told. We made the stuff along with LPG and a few other things. Enlisting in SF was actually safer wthan working at that place.

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A lot of jet fuels smell like kerosene

Thats because it is kerosene

I know that the Diesel vehicles in the Dutch army actually all run on Kerosene with a special additive added.

JP-8 Is very similar to Diesel fuel.

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