Jetfighters on the Autobahn

Warsaw Pact


Cdn BGen in the crowd but no CF-18 footage. So cool seeing the A-10. I loved watching them fly.

Nice to see all of the mix of aircraft from different countries in these.

Swiss air force on Autobahn 1988

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PAF on a motorway

SAF Hunters and F-5s

RAF Typhoons in Finland

The bigger the better :wink:

An Indian Air Force C-130J Super Hercules lands on the Lucknow-Agra expressway near Unnao :

Video :

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2024 Swiss Air Force will do the same again, this time with the fleet of F/A-18. It’s the first time since many years.

These clips reminded me off a good friend of mine (Brian Shul) who was the 11th USAF pilot to get checked out on the 1st A-10A 356th TFS Green Demons out of Myrtle Beach AFB. He had to give up his A-7D which he loved flying. He use to explain they practically wrote the book on flying the hog. In fact, he was the very first Hog demo pilot.

Since his outfit was the 1st to have a brand new jet then some brass up north wanted them to show it off and flying across the big pod. So, off to UK and Germany. He mentioned never to start a cross country leg with big meal…especially, ham, eggs, & bacon. One of the pilot had to make a detour from the initial flight plan. CO was not happy. :rofl:

He had mentioned his unit took part in these exercise. He had some amazing stories.

RIP buddy!