Another 1/48 scale Tamiya kit - This one is pretty much out of the box except for the etched mesh in the turret stowage bin.


Very nice looking, I definitely like the camo colors. May have to start building the 48th scale kits, I find to many details to add when building 35th scale…

One thing for the next build for that unit… you may want to get a coke machine…

It is located along the road traveled between the base and the training grounds up in the hills (note the road). Can provide Google Map link if you want it.

Again, a very nice looking Type 10…


Great minds think alike - I came across that coke dispenser when I was looking for reference images of Type 10s. I did consider building it :slight_smile:

Very nice. I like the subtle camouflage tones.

Coke machine sounds great, it would add that special something to the vignette.


Very nice build and vignette. Recent 1/48 kits are really as detailed as the 1/35 ones. Unfortunately my poor eyes wouldn’t let me go down this scale.


I went down the rabbit hole of chasing tanks along that road researching the Type 74’s with the extended bustle racks…

b0241149_19412572 JGSDF 4th Tank Battalion 74

The nice thing is that Hasegawa make a coke machine in 35th… However, that is beside the point.

Actually, I would like to know how you achieved the paint colors you used for the camo on your Type 10. I have several modern Japanese vehicles in mind - a Type 16 MCV on the bench as we speak, and a Type 96 WAPC ready for paint - and I really do like the look you achieved.


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Hi Bob,

The base colours are both Tamiya shades - XF-65 Field Grey with a tiny bit of white added for the green and XF-72 JGSDF Brown (again, with a small amount of white added). I didn’t use Tamiya’s JGSDF Green simply because I was out of stock and had the very similar Field Grey available.

The whole vehicle was then given a tinted wash of thinned oil paint (a mix of Burnt Sienna and Lamp Black) , adding repeat doses to specific areas with fine brushes to bring out the detail. Then I spent a long time gently drybrushing the model with Tamiya XF-57 Buff to make the raised detals pop out.

The secret for me is to build the effects slowly with multiple applications over a few days and allowing drying time between each, rather than to try and achieve the results in one go.



I used to build exclusively in 1/35 scale but chose to go down to 1/48 scale for a number of reasons:


I was finding there was too much available in 1/35 scale and I couldn’t make any real decisions about what to buy or build, so I stopped building much at all.

I found that moving down to 1/48 restricted my choice and that the lack of vast amounts of aftermarket forced me to find my own solutions to problems rather than rely on commercial options. I appreciate that isn’t everyone’s preference but it kickstarted my hobby again and I’m building models more frequently - some of them out of the box and others as major conversions. I also find that I don’t mind revisiting a project that I did in 1/35 scale and repeating it in 1/48 scale.