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Trumpeter announced their upcoming release from their "I Love Kits" label. The release is scheduled for June 2022.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/jltv-gp-news-from-i-love-kits

You know where to get your complete walk around including engine and interior photos…

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Still the same as the others - $16.00 via PayPal. Files sent through wetransfer.com, often within minutes of payment.

It´s wetransfer.com, right?

Indeed. Thank you.

I friend of mine just told me that the kit is badly researched. Some components seems to be missing, others are simplfied. I would be waiting to see the first reviews and then decide to buy.

All the more reason for a good walk around. I already know one of the areas that is sadly lacking.

Buyer beware. Rumor control has it that these are the Panda molds purchased by Trumpeter and marketed as I Love Kit. All of the Panda wrongness and lack of buildability included.

Panda had the M-ATV, not the JLTV. Despite some similarities, two totally different trucks.

These are new Panda molds, not previously released. Time will tell.

Panda strikes back from “the other side” …

The only kit I have personally seen from Panda that got close to be correct was the Cougar. Small wonder as some unscrupulous person sent them my photos and measurements. Even the Vaunted Kitty Hawk kits aren’t that great.

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I thought the M1 from Panda was supposed to be pretty good.

A few errors, but yes, its pretty good.

This old review and the subsequent discussion lists the corrections needed on it.

It may well be, but I only talk smack about kits I’ve actually seen and I had no desire to take a chance on that one.

I hear ya. I have the 2S6M Tunguska and heard it’s not very good. Never built any of their kits

Thanks Gino. I’m always a bit surprised the other manufacturers of M1A1s ( besides Tamiya) haven’t tacked that kit yet.