JLTV season is almost upon us; gentleman, start your engine

And, speaking of cars, check out this little number…

there is a new JLTV coming out very soon. Not a lot of info so far, but do know it will use the old power pack, but be a little heavier. G.M. started production of the new squad light infantry combat truck about two weeks ago (give or take five working days). Have seen photos of it, and it looks like a cross between a side by side ATV and a Canyon pick up truck

And if you want the same walk around that Stickframe used for his excellent build, contact me.
The best builds start wuth the best references. :slight_smile:


What is this device at the 20 second mark? I’ve seen it on some US armored vehicles.

Those are smoke rounds.

Thanks! So a miniature smoke grenade launcher?

It’s called the ROSY.

Awesome! That’s just the info I need. Thanks much! :grinning: