JMSDF DDG-176 CHOKAI(1/700 Hasegawa)

Hello all,
This is my first posting on naval model topic. Here is one of my recent works.
It is a 1/700 Hasegawa DDG-176 Chokai.
It is the core of Japan’s modern maritime defense, and is a RIM-161 standard missile(SM-3 ) carrier with the mission of anti-ballistic missile defense.
If you are knowledgeable about warships during WWII, you will notice that it has the same name as the cruiser, IJN Chokai. That’s right, the name comes from the same origin as the past one, Mt. Chokai, the mountain of faith in the northeastern region of Japan.

I didn’t use any etched parts, and concentrated only on adding plastic parts and crafting the mast. I also replaced the equipment with after-part of modern ships from the Pit-road.The base is made of plastic plates and the waves reconstructed by opaque gel . You may think that color of the sea is too blue, but in fact, the sea surface in the western Pacific is amazingly azure, so I hope you can feel the regional interest.

Thank you for watching!


Very nice ship and base!

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Thanks watching.
I must study the delicate modeling from master modelers.


You are right, the new Chokai does carry a distinguished name! She’s a fine looking vessel, and you have done a credible job with her. I like the attractive, lively blue sea base too!


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Thank you for your warm comment.
I’m encouraged by the precision of works in this forum.
And it will be a motivation for the next one.


Love the model, looks great out of the box, and no PE used. Well Done.

Hello Ronnie,

Thanks for your thankful attention.
Your encouragement is my motivating!