JMSDF .... I'm sooooo confused!

Trying to figure out what colors to use on JMSDF ships. As near as I can figure 2704 (N5) (Deck?) and 2705 (N4) (Hull) greys are the official colors. Mr Color has C607 (2704) and C608 (2705) … and a C609 (flight deck?) . Yet the Hasegawa and Pit Road instructions call for mixes of C307+33. Mixes from pre C607/08/09 days? Are the Mr Color colors accurate?

Which ships are you building and what timeframe?

As it stands now Kaga (DDH-184), Kirishima (DDG-174), Mogami (FFM-1) and Jintsu (DE-230) current time frame. Planning on matching them up with their WW2 ancestors.

Then use the Mr Color codes you mentioned, they are the modern day colors. The dark color is for flight deck and specific deck areas/walkways.

JMSDF colors changed sometime around 2000-2005 if I recall correctly, they used to be closer to the USN equivalents before that.

Kinda what I suspected but wanted confirmation. The darkest grey is called “cleated deck” color. I figured they meant like tie downs on a carrier deck but you never know with Japanese (or Chinese) to English translations.

If you look at photos of the Kaga notice the different shades of the flight deck and the superstructure decks. C609 would be for the flight deck, C608 for the rest of the decks/horizontal surfaces and C607 for vertical surfaces

Again, as I suspected.