Johan 1968 Oldsmobile 442 W-30

Hello all!

I’m brand new to your forum, so I suppose that I should introduce myself.

My name is Steve, and I’ve been building model cars for over 50 years.

My interests for the past decade or so has become almost entirely vintage kits of subjects of American made cars from about 1950, to 1970.

My goal is to take an old screw bottom type kit from the early days of model cars and bring it up to, and beyond, the level of detail of a modern kit, through kit bashing, modifying and scratch building.
I enjoy converting these rudimentary kits into a full detail build, to illustrate that they can become something special with a little elbow grease.

Anyway, I try to rework these kits using mostly old school methods, and avoid as many aftermarket additions as possible, by using parts provided in other kits, as well as modified and scratch made parts.
I find it very fulfilling to make a part if necessary, rather than purchase it through the aftermarket.

This rare, original Johan '68 Olds 442 was built using a good portion of parts from the MPC '69 442 W-30 kit, as well as a considerable amount of other parts, whether from other kits, or scratch made.

The color is Scale Finishes “Cinnamon Bronze”.

Thank you for allowing me to join your forum.



Welcome Steve and a great introduction with your Olds. The engine detailing looks amazing. Would love to see in future more of your in progress work.


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Welcome aboard Steve. I second Michael’s build comments. While I am not a fan of the color (your model, your choice) the execution was great. Look forward to seeing more.

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A pristine looking beast Steve and a very warm welcome to Armorama!

Y’know I don’t normally like brown-ish colors either like @Tank_1812 but I have to make an exception here- it’s a bold choice and it’s so realistic looking- plus a flawless finish. The black roof and beige interior really compliment that color too.

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Welcome and very nice work - as others have said ,
I hope we will see more.

It should be us thanking you for bringing such an excellent example of the modeller’s art to this forum, and we hope it is but a herald of things to come…

(And before any smart-a$$ joins in, my senility is not so advanced as I can’t tell the difference between an Oldsmobile and a Triumph Herald. Obviously the Triumph is hidden behind the Olds, or parked in it’s trunk. See, I’m not doolally, no matter what the quacks say; I mean who values the medical opinion of a :duck:…)



Great looking car! Nice choice on the tire sizes - they look just a bit bigger/wider than stock and fit the part! Super work on the engine bay too. Looking forward to your next build


Gorgeous 442, Steve. Really well executed, & great details.


That is a great looking car. I tried a similar paint job on a Charger I built but the finish is not near as nice as yours. I’ll have to check out Scale Finishes.

Not the same kit, obviously, but I see Revell just popped out the 1971 model recently.

Thanks guys!

A few more photos of the engine and interior.


Noice! :+1::+1:

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Beautiful work Steve, welcome to the AutoModeler family! Your focus on vintage kits and American builds gives plenty of scope, I look forward to seeing more of your work here soon.

I love the colour, it reminds me of the bronze paint on the '67 Pontiac Parisienne that I learned to drive in many years ago. I might chase some down if it’s available here in Australia as I have a Bonneville to build.

Cheers, D

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Here’s a little peak at my current project.

An AMT '64 Bonneville convertible that is finally nearing completion after nearly 17 months of construction!

Please excuse the horrendous mess in the background! :grin:



Looks like my mother’s car when I was a lad but hers was a Catalina IIRC .

My first car was a 64 Bonneville 4 door hardtop. Silver (lead gray) with a black vinyl roof.

Ollie’s has these for $12.99 right now. Cheap enough to buy two more and do the other options.

Welcome to our little corner of the car modeling world. You’re going to really like it here.

Being an old timer myself (75 going on 76 in a few months), I do remember the Olds 442 from way back when. A few of my friends had one; a 1967 & the other was I believe a 1968. Darn quick cars.

Your build really looks fantastic especially considering it started life out as a Johan kit. Fantastic paint job, and that engine compartment really looks the part. As for your interior, damn does that look just like a some what worn one that has still be taken care of by it’s owner.

Hope that you would consider on your next build to do a build blog so that we can follow along on your journey. I’ve got a feeling that we won’t be disappointed.


Outstanding work on your Olds Steve, the engine details are always my favorite part of any build, also nice foil work on all your trim nice and clean. I will be very interested to see that next build.

Those first two photos… if that was sitting on a replicated asphalt surface there’s be no way you could convince me I was looking at a model and not the real thing.
Outstanding work!

Mmmm, I don’t think so.

If you’re referring to the '68 Olds 442, it hasn’t been available since 1968 when Johan did it.
It’s an extremely rare kit.
You may be thinking of the MPC '69 442.

Likewise, the '64 Bonneville hasn’t been re-popped since it’s initial introduction in '64.
Also a pretty rare kit, although not as impossible to find as the Johan '68 Olds.