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According to some internal news, Joy Yard Product is finally, officially coming to North America.

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The level of detail looks absolutely amazing! Would love to see them do a Rudderow class DE! I’m sure they could do an awesome museum quality model of this one in 1/72!

how can you sat that? did you see the hull? there is no planking on the Missouri.

Odd. There is planking on the Wisconsin.

There was some when Japan signed their unconditional surrender …

Still there,

even if it seems to be rotting:

/ Woody

Perhaps Joe was referring to hull planking rather than deck…

The only mention of the word wood or any variants, including typo’s, of it in the first two posts was this:
“One thing is surprising me is the deck has the woooden paterns!!! So sticking the wooden deck becomes just a bonus but not a necessary.”

yes the hull. it should be smooth. that would all nrrd to be sanded off.


Depends on the lighting …

The dimples and dents are hard to replicate on a model …

The sistership Iowa

It is a matter of taste how much of the plating structure that the individual modeller wants to be present on his/her build. Some want it smooth and perfect like a ship builders or owners model, others want it “realistic”.
Note that I am not endorsing or condemning the accuracy (shape & position) of the plate edges provided by Joy Yard. I would need a shell expansion to be able to do that.
Those who want it smooth can sand it smooth.

At sea:

Here you are then Robin - have at it . If my Father were still alive he could help as he was a Loftsman in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard during World War Two . Shell Development was his forte and he was heavily involved in creating the wooden bucks for the “ furnace plates “ on the USS New Jersey .
Furnace plates were those of compound curvature that needed heating in a furnace before forming , hence their name .
These are his shop books which I treasure, still in their homemade wooden slip covers.

I assume we can expect a full work up for all the plates for an Iowa Class BB by the end of the work week - get busy . :sweat_smile:

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A real treasure you’ve got there :+1:
Trying to second guess the result of shell plating work done nearly 80 years ago would be impossible