JU88A-4 build for Siege of Malta

Taking the editor’s suggestion :slight_smile:

I should have some more pics tonight of my JU88 build for this campaign. The Zvezda kit is coming along well. I’ll document a few issues, all minor, and add a pic or two. It’s getting close to being ready for paint.

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I have the decals on it now:

And now I realize I should have taken a couple of underside pics. There is a nice big “E” in the white band at the wingtip.

The decals are from Techmod. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with their decals. I love that the clear bits completely disappear. And I mean completely. But I hate that you have an extremely short work time on them for positioning. You pretty much have to get it right in the first 10 seconds or so as then they will start to stick and come apart. I managed to salvage one of the "H"s in this set that started coming apart as I tried to move that decal up a little higher.

Because they are so clear one is tempted to go straight to adding some panel line washes, but I’ll hit it with another coat of clear before I do that.

I can’t wait to get the masks off the glass. This is a pretty nice kit. I kind of had the impression after building it and before painting it that I was a bit dissatisfied with the fit of the glass bits, but now looking at it, it’s pretty nice.