Junkyard Detail Diorama

Original Post by Charles King (Username ti)

I have been testing out more weathering techniques in combination with diorama placements. Trying to make smaller diorama compositions but still trying to maintain, an overall cohesive look. I have just completed grinding the tyres(these photos were taken before doing it), and fixing the sink holes on the container. But so far I think it looks good.



Judging by your posted pictures, I’d say that you certainly achieved your goal of creating miniature scenes within the larger diorama.

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Excellent! Just need some weeds. :slight_smile:

Great idea. Now why didn’t I think of adding weeds? This is almost a cross over for Armor guys to checkout.


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You know something is good when you see the close ups and you have to do 3 double takes because you think it’s real. Very well done. Mega realistic

You literally “crushed it” with this amazingly realistic diorama! Very outstanding work!


“What was that officer? Overloaded the old Ford? No, don’t believe so, she’ll be fine!”

Outstanding work Charles, amazing attention to the finest details as always. As stated earlier, a few small weeds poking through might add a small splash of living colour to counterpoint the wreckage.

Cheers, D

Outstanding! That is hard to distinguish from a photograph.

Wow that’s awesome outdoor scenery you built behind the 1:1 junkyard, you captured the Turn perfec….huh? What sorcery is this?? It’s a masterpiece Charles, there’s a bunch of guys in the Diorama forum who really need to see this too. I hope you can share some techniques, like the various rust methods & that windscreen…was it one of those cover panes for microscope- viewing backed with clear tape to hold it together? :tumbler_glass:

Just out of pure curiosity, just how much time do you spend in your local junk yards? Judging from these pictures and your other truck builds, I’d say it’s time very well spent :clap: