Just a brief Note on the new Discourse Software:

Just a Note on the new Discourse OS Software here:

I assume everyone already knows that if you click on a particular photo in a post it will expand to a full screen image and also give you the option of “walking through” all the other photos seen in that one post?

Just an FYI



Another typing trick perhaps not known by us “older folk:”

Put one asterisk in front of and one after a block of text (no spaces) and you get - Italics type.

Put two asterisk in front of and two after a block of text (no spaces) and you get - Bold type.

Put three asterisk in front of and three after a block of text (no spaces) and you get - Bold Italics type.

~ Remember: NO SPACES between the desired text and the asterisks! The program will not print these asterisk. It knows to see these as text coding commands and not as letters


Another typing tip:

If you type a headline or block of type, and then hit the carriage return (hit the return button) then type a dash and then another carriage return you will get an extra large typeface when desired.


This is a test

If you use the equal = sign you get an even larger header.

Using the dash

Test test test


Wow Thanks

Any advice for coding to make smaller type (for photo credits)? Or how to make underlined text?

p.s. I tried a double dash and also an underscore - never thought to try an equal sign.

small text

<small>small text</small>

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Odd… it comes out small on the preview :smiley:

Special Text Characters & Emojis:

Ever find yourself in need of a “C in a Circle” ©, or a Star ★, or a Heart :heart:. etc., etc.?
Or even your run of the mill 300 or 400 assorted emojis? :sunglasses: :movie_camera: :telephone_receiver::pencil2::anchor::clubs::earth_americas:

When working in either Google Chrome or Apple Safari:
(Sorry but I cannot speak for all the other browsers out there.)
When you are composing text for a post if you go to the top toolbar
under “Edit” you will find the pull down “Emojis & Symbols.” Click on this and an emojis window will open. While composing a post any emoji you click on will then appear in your typing box wherever you last placed you typing cursor.


Examples of just a few of the emojis available:

Ah well, whatever I want to say is not big text material…

Well I come from a printing and typesetting background so I am just trying to offer the folks here some perhaps interesting and fun ways to dress up their posts.

A horizontal white space between stacked photos:

NOTE: Appearenly the Discourse software has now been modified so that it DOES leave a small white separator line between stacked photos regardless of the presence of a carriage return or not.

The two photos seen just below have been uploaded without any separation (carriage return) between the image files:
This can occasionally be the cause of some confusion.

The two photos seen just below have been uploaded WITH a separation (carriage return) between the image files:
This gives a much cleaner and more professional look to one’s posts and can in some cases reduce confusion.


This is a general remark rather than something focusing on the Discourse OS.

When looking for reference material on a particular topic or item I would suggest you first do a general search through the current KitMaker site AND also the Archives. Just as you would do when using Google search on the rest of the web. Try using several different key words and doing several different searches using these varying key words.

All too often someone may start a new thread asking for a particular reference question, detail or topic. And in many cases the answers have already been posted (perhaps more than once) elsewhere on this site.

I have recently seen two different inquiries regarding interior colors on the Hetzer (Now that we have a Hetzer model offered WITH interior.) Yet the topic has already been addressed as posted in May of last year in the “Reference by Subject - Hetzer” section of the KitMaker Network.

JaJaJa Just say’n . . .


Becoming a Patron on the KitMaker Network offers one immediate advantage:


Ha! I just noticed no more ads :slightly_smiling_face: Cool!
So here’s a question . . . Most everyone has noticed I sign off my posts with “Cajun :crocodile:” . . . is there a way to save my signature or must I do it manually each time?

Cajun :crocodile:

First save the post as a screen capture. Crop down to it in a photo editing program. Save as a .jpeg. And then save it to your desktop to paste in as a photograph at the end of every post.

Here ya go! Download this one to your desktop.


(Just drag and drop this image to your desktop to keep it handy to use.)

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