Just a couple of Mutts

An IDF TOW Mutt circa 1982, Beirut and a 106RR version, country to be determined later. I built both kits many years ago and decided to dust them off, add some details, and touch up the paint. More to be added later.


Great looking Mutts there Robert! Like the 106 RR missing the headlight lol

The TOW Jeep looks great! I like your detailing.

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Good looking stuff there

Is there a barrel lock for the 106? I seem to recall that this was not included with the original kit (Academy I think?). The lock was a pedestal that sat in front of the front passenger, not on top of the cowl.
Some well-done weathering!

They both look pretty nice. Good job on them.

Yes there should be the separate pedestal.

M151A2 w/M106 RR, but the same setup.
M151A2 M106 RR

The Academy M151A1 kit has a few other issues as well. You can read about them and see images to correct them in my M151A1 comparison article:

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