Just finished designing drums on Gaz-Tiger for 3D printing - another Ukrainian dio project

Just finished designing drums (NBC filters. I don’t know) on the top of Gaz Tiger for a customer wanting to do a Ukrainian war diorama. It’s now ready for 3D print.

How it appears as an STL file:

Real thing:


Those are smoke generators.

Thanks for the info.

Will it come with the brackets to attach it to the vehicle?

Dan, I can make it happen if someone orders it. :slight_smile: Right now, if in 1/35, I am thinking $15 for the NBC filters only and $20 for the whole set with the brackets. Shipping w/in the continental US would be extra. Of course, the price is negotiable.

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Sorry but these are NBC filters, not smoke generators.

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That’s what I thought, Javier! Some sort of air filters! Thank you for the confirmation. :smiley:

As noted by Javier, those are indeed NBC filters, not smoke generators.

Miniarm does these; they are also suitable to use with the Pantsir, to replace kit items that may not be as well detailed.

Nice, I have just found out that Miniarm offers it in 1/35 - the customer who requested my design actually pointed out. :smiley: Thanks for sharing.
Although I’d argue that my design looks more detailed, and it can be rescaled to whichever requested (1/48, 1/32, 1/24, 1/16, etc.). Plus, I am willing to negotiate the price to be competitive with Miniarm’s.

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Ha! Just found out that these NBC filters are used in various modern Russian vehicles including Typhoon-U:

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Glad to help! Think these filters have been already in use for a time, can’t remember if it was in Osetia or Crimea when first seen.

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Finally finished with brackets and all for installation!! My fingers hurt from all the mouse clicking! :smiley:

- before

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Russian NBC filters printed in 1/35~!

Came out better than I had expected.

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Look real nice!

Now smoke dischargers

What about smoke dischargers?

The later Tigr has smoke dischargers.

Pay if you want me to design it. Simple enough.