Just Simple Vignette

Some time ago, i foud f couple of figures in my spare parts box. A figures from a kit I bought almost ten years ago, when I was just starting to get serious about modeling. Being one of the first figures I painted, they later became test samples on which I tested paints and painting techniques. And having found them again after a long time, I decided to leave them alone and make a base for them. The base is made entirely from scrap materials. The wall of the building is made from styrodur, iron barrels are from a sheet of thin metal, wooden boxes are made of plastic and wood and painted with oil, a cardboard box is made of thick brown paper, a pipe on the wall is made of sprue with joints made of electrical tape. Concrete is imitated by applying acrylic wood putty with a sponge. Painted with acrylics and oils.

And also I again test painting technique on them. This time, from Mike Butler`s Book: Painting World War I Allied Figures. (On Germans! It is blasphemy!) But I am far from his level of skills.


Nice job! The vignette looks very nice. Don’t worry about your skills, they will improve with time and practice (and lots of patience!).

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Very well done!

I also personally like how much “old school” model making that you’ve employed. It’s rare to see just about everything on a base that has been made from scratch. Those are the kinds of skills that you can really build on.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your work here in the future!

Thanks for sharing!


I like to find uses for “alternative materials” when working on dioramas. On one of my old dioramas, which has not survived, I made grass using synthetic fur from an old collar from a winter jacket. It was the color of faded autumn grass and I easily painted it in green color.