K-17 Boomerang (under new management) | Armorama™

Modelling friend Stan Spooner and the stunning build and finish of his award-winning K-17 Boomerang (under new management) Boomerang K-17 is a new 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) being developed by a Russian armoured vehicle manufacturer Military Industrial Company (VPK). The amphibious vehicle is intended to replace the ageing BTR family of armoured vehicles in service with the Russian Armed Forces.

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Wow, the weathering, drybrushing, and the green tonal shades are just outstanding! The level of detail and the figure painting really make this vignette pop out. Excellent job! :grinning:

I love the base. Great idea!

Superb all-around model - the figure standing on the Boomerang
reminds me of Hero of Ukraine and AZOV Colonel Dennis Prokopenko :wink:

This build is certainly of the highest order, the display base is very innovative, and the model build is exceptional and serves as an example of what we all aspire to I’m sure.
The detailing is near flawless as well as the figures’ features. It’s all very subtle but poignant.

Cajun :crocodile: