Kaizen T-80 for Dragon DS/Tamiya

After 90 minutes of not-fun, I quit. Will trade straight up one set ( less two or three parts launched by tweezers) for a set (or two or three?) of Dragon’s DS OR Tamiya’s T-80 tracks, each pays own postage, lower 48 only. Kaizen tracks have three sprues with parts assembled, still on sprues, and several loose parts in baggie, still plenty to do a Sherman with leftovers.

Hey Russ,is this what your looking for

If so,you can have them
They are DS,the bag was never opened they don’t appear to be degraded with that greasy look.They are probably 10 years old, you have to add the guide horns

That’s what I’m looking for. I’ve got a couple of sets, painted and on models, that are still okay as well. I paint them with acrylics which seem to be okay.
You sure you don’t want some Kaizen tracks?