Kamaz VDV colors?

I am getting into modern Russian armor and need some advice. I have a 1/35 Kamaz VDV and have seen a number of reference photos, some of them seem to have a grayish color, a light gray with maybe a green tint. I guess it could be a green with a grayish tint. Question is what would be an appropriate color for this vehicle? I am not referring to the camo paint, just the solid color. It seems the Russians use a green color for their modern parade armor, but this is a much lighter color. Any thoughts?

I’ve been looking at some pics online and it almost looks like a field grey or even and olive green as opposed to the usual Russian dark green. Definitely different than some of the other modern Russian stuff. BTW, what kit is it and is there a specific brand(s) and color that it recommends?

Didn’t the Russians start using a lighter gray green on some of their camo schemes after the collapse of the USSR?

You might be right Stik, just not sure

The kit is the RPG 1+1 version, 2 kits in one box, (reminds me of when I was a kid), the color call out is for the camo schemes or the darker parade version. It sure looks like they might be using a lighter shade of gray, but it does seem like there is a green tint to it. just can’t figure a starting point.

Yeah I see what you mean. If there’s a specific picture of a vehicle you like with the lighter green you might just have to go with it. If you don’t want to do one of the other two schemes in the instructions that is. Show us some pics when you’re done maybe, it would be great to see it. Good luck Mike!

Just looking at the box top for the kit and yeah that is a light green. Hmmmm….

The more I look the more I agree that the color is a light green/gray. Some of the online photos definitely look gray. Of course you can’t trust online photos, but I think I’ll go in that direction unless someone know for sure. I’m thinking of looking for a light Russian green and adding some gray. Maybe An IDF color to start?