Karls companions

For my current project I have build the German Heavy Mörser Karl, which will be depicted being recently unloaded in a Warsaw railyard on the 17th of August 1944.

Karl could be transported by rail for longer distances. To facilitate this it was suspended between 2 specially designed carriers. These will also be included.

These will be hitched behind a shunting loc, which is still under construction.
Not only this, but also there will be a BR-86, behind which a flat wagon with the ammo panzer for Karl

Also a Gondola loaded with fuel drums

And a G10 box car (ready for painting). I had to make the grates myself from Evergreen, since Thunder Model, in all their wisdom decided to include only one PE grate.
This will accompanied by a heavy truck…


Excellent work. Thank you for posting these. :+1:

Thank you for the kind words. They are much appreciated. Currently I need to paint one wagon, and build both locomotives… And of course a multitude of figures and accessories…