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I tried finding this company’s products for the M1240 M-ATV window mask and tint set. No store on the planet sells KAV Model products! All I could find was 2 empty websites and 3 non - functional Facebook pages. This company makes some neat stuff, but they don’t sell it!

I bought several masking sets and tinting films via FB messages. Very fast replies and very reasonable shipping fees from Russia.


@Maki Mario what Facebook page did you use?

Here you go: Redirecting...

I just wrote a message with the sets I want, got the invoice, paid with PayPal. Very positive experience.


I don’t see the point of buying a bunch of different templates. You can do the same with one circle template and use it on many different vehicles. Or cut your own out of thick styrene. I made my own for many different common vehicles years ago. They work fine every time.

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Yeah I use a circle template from my drafting days and they work excellent

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Oh I use a circle template for wheels too. I would never buy masking products for wheels. I’m interested in their window tint and mask sets.

we do not have retailers in Europe, but you can always order our products directly. Send us a request by email info@kav-models.ru - we will send you a retail price list

“I would never buy masking products for wheels”

the devil is in the details…

circle templates have a step of 1 mm, but the diameters often have that are not multiples of an integer. For example, the T-80 - 16.7 mm

I just sent an email to that email address to order a product and it bounced back saying " Mailbox size limit exceeded."

this is very strange. We don’t have a limit

While I’ve never ordered from, i-modelist.com sells Kav as well as SX-Art which also offers similar masking and tinting sets. I might try them as Kav doesn’t have sets for all the vehicles I need them for (Meng and Tiger Pantsir, Xact GAZ Tiger, Takom Typhoon) so need to get sets from both manufacturers.

Does anyone have any experience with i-modelist.com?

i-modelist is one of our distributors. We have a mask with tinting on Meng Pantsir, Takom Typhoon :wink: Also we have mask on Xact GAZ Tiger and Tiger Pantsir, but Xact is dead, and we no longer have plastic to check… Tinting for Tiger Pantsir in disign…

SX imitates us, but uses the usual ORACAL 8000 series plotter film for tinting films. We use car tinting film specifically