Kein Benzin - Keine Hoffnung

No Petrol - No Hope
Diorama depicting a Sturmtiger crew desperately searching for fuel towards the end of WW2. They come across an abandoned fuel dump that has no fuel left, meaning they will probably have to destroy their own vehicle. Sturmtiger is from AFV Club, figures are modified Tamiya, some with Hornet heads. Crater filled with resin and oil paint.


Looks good sir. Nice concept and well thought out action,

What? No chipping? I like it.


Thank you. Didn’t want to do too much chipping etc as the Sturmtigers didn’t see much service in the west. I think more were abandoned or destroyed by their own crews due to lack of fuel or ammo than were knocked out by the allies.

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I like it a lot, good story very nicely done so bravo :+1: :+1: (Hopefully it’s an easy fix to make those road-wheels sit down on the track – sorry but it’s happened to me too, for some reason always, always after posting the photos I see one of my tyres off the ground or bottom run of tracks in mid-air. It’s a thing)

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Nicely done Matt !!!

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Thank you for the kind comment. I never even noticed the road wheel position until you mentioned it. Too busy on other parts to see :frowning: I shall have to ‘amend’ it somehow.

Very very nice , only thing I would like to change (besides the allready mentioned wheels): the guy in picture #4 looks like he should be leaning against something (a fence, wall, tank, standing oildrum… )