Keyhole-sized avatar

A relatively trivial query & apologies if already discussed elsewhere, but the small circular shape of the avatar icon seems illogical when source images for personalising avatars tend to be rectangular or square - didn’t seem to be a problem on the old site, a square template. Quite a few avatars here are hard or impossible to make out, partly due to shape & partly the tiny size.

Is it a fixed Discourse feature, or can the template be bent to our will rather than the other way round?

‘Bender Sleep Bending’

If you click on the avatar you get to see a larger version of it.
Don’t know if they can be made larger. Larger avatars would consume more space on the screen though …

Yeah I doubt even if we were able to switch to square icons that I would set them any larger than the space the circular icons take up. As Robin pointed out you do see the larger icon on several other views as well.

OTOH, it looks to be almost the same size as a Facebook avatar. Possibly a bit of common code.