KF-51 Panther kit question

G’day all
Looking through HLJ pre-orders I see Amusing Hobby have a kit coming of the above tank. The images look a bit gimmicky with the ATGM depicted as having just been fired from the turret & the digi-cam in the pics showing a bright lime-green colour that can only best be described as almost fluorescent.
Now…I’m interested in this vehicle as it is one of the first next-gen tanks for NATO Armies that has been kitted, & there has been a bit of news associated with it (here in Aust at least) given the current Euro conflict but I’m also curious to find out from some of my more learned bretheren about the fidelity of this kit.
Anyone more familiar with the subject matter & has seen some pics of the kit able to shed some light on whether this kit is worthy of purchase or should we wait for the vehicle to be fielded?

Here’s how it look on the 1:1 one