Ki-27 bits & pieces

Ki-27. Auxiliary fuel tanks. Grey (like the rest of the a/c) or aluminum? Also, what is the gizmo on the left wing, near the root? Gun camera? (didnt think they used such things)

It is a gun camera. See Famous Airplanes of the World #29: Army Type 97 Fighter, page 57 for a clearer view of the gun camera.

From Scalemates: ICM 1/72 Ki 27 instructions

Part A23

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Kinda what I thought. From a couple other comments it was a training aid. An analog version of the DACT pods used at Red Flag and TopGun.

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Another Ki mystery. What are these gizmos? Was thinking (A) Fuel dumps? (Why? Why on just one side?) (B) anti flutter balances? (Again, just one side? Not where they’d do any good. (C) Steps? Again, oly on one side? Not where they’d do any good. I tried looking up cut away drawings but only ones I found that show these are too small and when zoomed in on the lettering blurred BAR. (Like FUBAR!) cleaverki27b

See what you mean… :wink:


Interestingly this drawing shows them on both sides.

See above …

Close-up of the remaining parts on the only surviving Ki-27

EDIT : from the Kagero Ki-27 monography :



Ones I found were in English. This looks blurred even when it’s in focus. (I understand every language except Greek. Unfortunately, they are ALL Greek to me.)


Click on Wikipedia - should bring you to article- drawing on page amongst other images.

Oh, yeah. Photos dont seem to show them on the port wing though. (least the 10 I looked at.)