Killnoizer‘s workshop

Welcome to my thread of different objects , mainly flying stuff in 1:72 .
I got a very long break in scale modelling, but entered the local club this year and finished around 40 projects in 12 months. My skills and my finish is not at a high level, I know , but I think the concepts are not bad …

Here is a first collection of some pix , I will went into details later .

The Stuka „Stachel ( sting ) „

A Jet driven flying tank

The Blohm& Voss Raceplane of the Olympic Games 1948

Ju 188 with jet engines

And the Ju 1488


Fw 390 superfighter

Bigfoot tank

My wife driving in a 1:1 SdKfz 222 , build by a friend . Watch that interior !!


A Messerschmitt 262 , with that widely unknown ultra compression drive system …

This US Thunderscream jet fighter


I am into Star Trek since the first show in germany 1971 , got my first Modell at 1977 ,
now I build a trashed version of a rotten and lost 1701 ( without a,b or … ! ) ,
captured by German moon nazis and so on and on …


There is a lot of imagination on display here.

Manga style spaceship. This build was started on a Saturday morning and finished complete on Sunday night of the same weekend .


Spaceship in 50‘s style, made from a 1:35 drop tank .

Two Me262 raceplanes , one as a pod racer style .


The pod racer finished with the new chrome spray from revell.
The engines are fixed with neodyme magnets and can be turned .


Very interesting and cool kit-bashing.


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I agree, very cool and interesting kit bashes.

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You my friend… have an overactive imagination.” … And I mean that as a true compliment to your talent. Your ideas are absurdly amazing! :thinking::thought_balloon:


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around 40 projects in 12 months !!! WTF … Thats insane !!

What a fantastic thread Gerrit and all of those shown builds are brilliant… Everyone looks like it could work, and I love the finish on the Star Trek ship … thats nice. Really liked that JU 1488 as well.
Nice to see your Frau having such a good time as well !!

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Thank you all for your attention.
Without my girl it would not be funny to do all that , she went whith my to the military meetings all over the summer , including sleeping out in the woods , and she is also member of the Hannover scale modell club . Unfortunately she had not much time to build here big collection of kits , but help me to find the time…


You have some cool kitbashing Ideas.

Great imagination indeed. Like that B+V raceplane! I always dream of buuilding a Starship or so from my many leftover parts. Maybe a Millenium Falcon 2?? :upside_down_face:

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Hey , i received a Falcon Kit last week, and think about what to do with it. Someone build a version with props , that was very good .

My current project , the F4 - Corsair jet fighter .
It’s a older revell kit in 1:48
I made a stronger landing gear for it , and work on a strong gun and a lot of weapons …


Great fun builds :+1:

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The Corsair is completed with a gun and weapons . Primer is a Chrome effect spray .


Ready für Christmas