Kinetic Cf-188 opinions?

I successfully defended my PhD thesis today and as a gift to myself I’m going to buy a kit I’ve been eyeing for a while but haven’t been tempted enough to pull the trigger on.

The kit is kinetic Cf-188 kit number 48030. The inbox reviews seem to be fairly good but I wanted to see if anyone’s has built it or a similar kinetic kit before I shell out the cash


Congrats buddy!

I have a hate on for Kinetic armour right now, but that looks like a really nice kit. I say you bite the bullet.


I’ve heard some negative reviews of kinetic and some really good reviews. I’m super tempted by this kit since CF-18 kits are hard to find and I really want to build a cold lake bird.

Very close to pulling the trigger

My RG-31 was decent but not fantastic. The M-109 I have going is the hottest of garbage. But you’re right about Canadian hornets. Good news is if it ends up a little broke it’ll just make it more authentic.



I found this review to help with the build.

Looking at some reviews, just be careful before opening any holes, it appears sometimes the instructions say to open but nothing is added for that version but for another.

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Thank you!

And Thanks for posting! I’ll take a look!

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Congrats on the thesis! What’s your doctorate in?

Also you better build that Hornet with more streaking than a leopard :wink:

Thank you, I majored in Geophysics!

ROFL, I was planning on building it next to an F-35 with two politicians screaming at each other in between!

You recently built the other Kinetic F-18 right? How did you find it?


Hey Doc, my rock seems a little under the weather. Any suggestions?

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It might have covid i would isolate it

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Actually I built the Canuck Models CF-18 (which is just the Academy kit with Canadian decals) but I would say the Kinetic kit is probably better! At this point, I’m so starved of Canadian ac kits I’ll build positively anything!

Oh right! I forgot it was the Canuck models.

Yeah that’s a valid point. Think I’m going to order the Kinetic CF-18. Doogs models has a review and he points out a couple minor fit issues that don’t look too bad, but overall he says it’s a very nice kit.

Generally speaking, I’ll take whatever I can get. For that reason, I think that a trip to Wheels and Wings this winter break is warranted to cop that sweet, sweet Grumman Tracker. You know I’m putting rocket pods on the hardpoints too, because that’s how I roll.