Kinetic M3A3 turret problem

Not sure if I am just blind,stupid or that Kinetic may have made an error on the turret of the M3A3.
I am building it as a non ERA vehicle and the turret seems to have a very large open area on the left front (faceing it) lower underside right behind the smoke launchers and part E4, there is a small piece #c44 that seems to go into part of the area but there is still a huge open area. The ERA mounting plates #D14 and D10 do not cover it.
So If anyone has any ideas please let me know ?

It’s supposed to be open. It’s the shell ejector port.

well thank you sir, awful big port glad I am not short a part

You mean this here little opening?

It looks like this inside:

Apparently that opening catches more than a few people. A couple of months age the editors at Fine Scale Modeler magazine covered that up.


Thats it, I never found any photos with that view Thanks much

don’t feel the pressure to start replicating the details inside the opening :wink: :innocent:

Kinetic (Orochi) already provides most of it.

Here is some help when building it w/out the ERA as well.

More tips from the build article I did on the Orochi M3A3 kit, which is the origin of the Kinetic kit.

Kinetic fixed Orochi’s issues by adding a new sprue with parts for the TOW launcher, rear door handle, new headlights and tail lights, stowage basket wall and center support. They also reworked some of the parts on the original sprues to improve/correct them. Also included is a set of T161 tracks and new sprockets for them. However, the T161 tracks are too new to be on a Bradley w/ERA mounted. They do mention what to leave off for a non-ERA vehicle, but don’t talk about the tracks. With these fixes, it builds into a really nice kit.

New Kinetic sprue.

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Thanks again , all I can say is I never noticed that opening before, piss poor research by myself