Kinetic's instructions

Hi guys, I am currently building a Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1 (Falkland Wars) and a Kinetic S-2F1 Tracker. I built Kinetic models before, but must have been lucky…! geez, without any reference books I’d be completely lost, especially the Tracker would probably come out as a S-2A+F1-2+someE mix-up. Instructions on both are horrible to say the least. A newbie would be completely lost. But hey, I am happy there is a Tracker in 1:48 available at all.

5 years ago, when I started building model kits again, I said, no, no more research, reference books, aftermarket stuff (anyway, the last parts are still a joy to search and buy, oh well). Just having fun with putting the stuff together. :rofl:

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