King Tiger 223 Ardennes 1944 | Armorama™

The Dragon kit was supplemented with many after-market items and scratchbuilt details. The model was painted in the late war Ambush camouflage.

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Great paint job!! I am wondering how you painted the small dots. The closeup pic shows slight variations in size and a tiny “feathered” edge.
Again a great job. Totally inspiring.

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I thank your kind words firefly.
To paint the dots I used a small brush, this method was also used in real vehicles.
Cheers from Brazil

Thanks, Cesar. A Tiger II is my next project. I just hope that I can come close to your magnificent work!
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Beautiful (if you can say that about a tank). None of that excessive “chipping” that is in vogue now. Well done.

Many thanks Invader.

Very nice job on this giant. I like the camo and the weathering. :+1:t2:


Many thanks C

Cheers from Brazil

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