King Tiger II (Porche Early Production Vehicle Fgst.Nr.280009) | Armorama™

Here we take a look at the 1/35th scale offering from Hobby Boss of the King Tiger II (Porche Early Production Vehicle Fgst.Nr.280009).

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I have Hobby Boss’ earlier release of “Porsche” King Tiger in my stash waiting to be built and have to say, it’s a good looking kit for the price.

Like the DML kits, the HobbyBoss kits have the main deck hatch stays molded only slightly raised from the surface instead of being distinct parts. The frame photos shown here do not show the necessary shrouds that covered the exhausts.
Unfortunately, the earlier kit 84530 which includes decals for several Tiger IIs that certainly had the shrouds does not show these parts in the frame layouts or color art.