King Tiger Tank Porsche turret

Has anyone ever seen a pic(s) of a King Tiger Porsche turret with no zimmerit
I have an old Tamiya kit I found and want to build it, but I’m having trouble finding zimmerit for it

I cut my fingers on the Edwards crap before, so I don’t want to deal with it again


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@T-55A5 currently building a kit tiger Porsche turret. What I’ve been made aware of is that by fall of 44 zimmerit was nixed. So it is feasible that the Porsche variants still serving in heavy tank battalions had it removed but i wasn’t able to find photos. I would recommend that if you decided to do zimmerit to try milliput and trumpeters application tools, they work wonders. I would also recommend getting a thin piece of styrene to elevate the areas that tools would be attached to so you can have all vehicle BII attached without it looking weird.

Your choices for a sans-Zimmerit vehicle are limited to the first 3 Versuchs-Fahrgestell (trial chassis) V1, V2 and V3. However, here are minor differences with these vehicles, such as lack of external tool storage, sprockets with 18 teeth per ring, the binocular gunner’s sight, and front towing lugs with straight edges and flat front mudguards. V2 was eventually fitted with tools as found at the Henschel testing area at the end of the war. V2 currently resides at Bovington. No combat for these cats.


There were Tiger II tanks without zimmerit, but as the colleague has pointed out very well, only the first three prototypes did not use it.
All the other Tiger II Porsches carried it and although its use was dispensed with as of September '44, I do not know of photos of any of them without zimmerit. It would have been a futile job to remove it and you can see German tanks with zimmerit until the very end of the war.
Prototipe Kingtiger in Bovingtontank:

And a purpose-built mockup for a prototype Tiger II:


The colleague asks for information about Tiger II Porsche without zimmerit, the 2nd photo is of the tanks of the 506th battalion before fighting in the surroundings of Arhem and they have zimmerit.

Being rather pedantic, the KT had a Krupp turret version 1 and a Krupp Turret Version 2, erroneously called the ‘Porsche Turret’ and ‘Henschel Turret’ respectively. Both Porsche and Henschel bid for the contract and designed their own hulls, but both used the Krupp Version 1 turret in their designs.

I’ll crawl back in my box now…

You are not pedantic, the information you provide is correct.
What happens is that in the model world the Krupp tower is better known for its relationship with Porsche and its eliminated Tiger project. For the sake of simplicity I call that Tiger II a Porsche for that reason.


With the instructions of the Takom kit you may be able to adapt the small changes to your Tamiya kit:
Of course, you will have to look for the 18-tooth tractor wheels and the tracks:

Perhaps it would be more accurate for us modelers to simply refer to them as the early and late turret types.

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The problem is that the model companies and even some publications call the Porsche and Henschel turrets.

Just went over the KT (P) kit and it has been kit bashed, it’s missing parts, so it will be while before I work on it
Thanks for the info anyway

And that’s how we learned it… monkey see, monkey do :monkey:

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Hey! Who you calling a monkey??! :laughing:

Which kit is it? You may be able to get some help with parts here.

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King Tiger Porsche Turret Tamiya No. 35169

It’s messing a lot of parts

I’m going to put it back in storage or sell it to someone for parts

Zimmerit application stopped in September, 1944, but the “Porsche” King Tigers had all been delivered months earlier. The early vehicles used in field testing were upgraded and eventually issued to combat battalions later in the summer of 1944, but in no particular order (the 506th Battalion had at least two of them when it received its King Tigers in August). There was no order to strip Zimmerit off existing vehicles, and I’ve seen no photographic evidence of this ever being done.

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Solution to the cut fingers and a better product.