Kirovograde, winter 1942 'Inspirations' by Coumes Thierry | Armorama™

Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modellers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds.

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I love winter dioramas. This one is nicely done. I am guessing that due to the “whiteout” on the ground that the boot prints aren’t readily visible in the photos. I think if I look real closely I can see some prints.
If I had to voice some critiques, I’d say the barbed wire is way out of scale with some of the barbs looking to be equal in length to the 1:35 figure hands. I think also with the fresh snow sticking to everything that the wire it’s self would have some on it. On a design basis I think the piece would be more visually interesting if everything didn’t run parallel to the sides of the base.
Still, it’s a winter diorama with full blown snow done very well. A lot winter dioramas depicting heavy snowfall end up looking like cake icing. So kudos to Mr. Thierry.


Really great critique. Totally agree, angling the base and some snow on the wire would really go a long way to making an excellent dio even better.