Kitmaker Diorama Forum – progress Report

For the record it’s about half a year since migration to this site began in October 2020 & today I count a total of 104 separate Dioramas published by 55 individual Diorama constructors. I may be out by a couple but you’ll have to go even more nerdy to prove me wrong.

I just thought such a fantastic effort was worth celebrating, I’m not aware of another Diorama forum that can compete with the high standard & diversity of subjects on display here. Congratulations to all contributors & thanks to all lurkers, it’s an absolute pleasure to be here. Join me in a toast: most importantly to Jim Starkweather & crew, to absent friends, and to future awesomeness :clinking_glasses:


I am very pleased to have found the forum and to be a part of it. As Tim say, cheers to the guys who makes this possible. /Erik

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The dioramas posted here have been excellent so far and I can only see them getting better as time goes on.
Not only the caliber of the work, but the willingness to share technique and information.
Kudos to the diorama forum participants


Hear hear Tim!

Time for an unofficial update now that the Diorama forum’s passed its first birthday. Allowing for minor enumerating errors, in the first twelve months we’ve seen 70 constructors post around 200 dioramas/vignettes. There are some strays in other forums too & I haven’t included multiple dios in some individual threads, so the actual total might be more like 80+ and 230+ respectively. This compares with approx. 55 & 104 at the half-year mark, so there’s no sign of a plateau in the rate of production…not many gradients either :grimacing:

Another toast then, to Jim & crew, absent friends & future awesomeness :clinking_glasses:


I am happy to be part of this effort and of this happy family! :bouquet::clinking_glasses:

Good to read that!

I wish I could post more frequently.


I think you could add at least one campaign (A4 bases) and possibly railway or build a photo 1 &2 to that list.

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You may well be right Ryan but I did mention estimated extras in other forums - probably too light which is why I covered myself with the plus signs. There’s several dios just in the Build a Photo campaign alone for example…but unless someone’s game to go right through all the non-Diorama forums & count ‘em (and constructors not already appearing in the Diorama forum) the above estimates stand :tumbler_glass:


Thanks for keeping the count, Tim. It’s good to see the numbers growing, and also the amount of nice scenes we can enjoy here.

Congratulations to all these 80+ modellers!

I think I only passed over this thread initially, but would it be worth getting some feedback and maybe … just maybe running a Dio group build ? we sort of got one done with the A4 group build, and that was fun ?
the reason I ask is a lot of my builds always end up in some sort of dio base … The M1A1 mine plough, my CVRT Striker, the A4 one I did … so I am sure others do exactly the same ?

I support the idea and think others will come if you start it, however at least for me given my abysmal campaign completion rate (same could be said for kits in general) I will try to be limited in my campaigns in 2022.

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Hey John I suggest starting a new topic/Campaign proposal rather than continuing this thread, whose current title/subject’s fairly misleading for your purposes.

But yeah I’ve wondered about it a few times without coming up with a good idea. It might get traction if it was another build-a-photo but of (say) just one building or buildings? Or I guess a simple Let’s-all-make-a-tree/hedge/whatever campaign could serve as a useful concentration of different techniques, to serve as an easy reference for those wishing to improve.

I don’t think my other idea would work but what about a true group-build, several players contributing components of a single diorama assembled photographically? Too technical methinks & too much photoshoppery required :thinking: :tumbler_glass:

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Good ideas ( i think the last one would prove to difficult trying to co-ordinate and piece together … I will ponder on a general all comers Dio group build though … there are a lot of talented dio builders out there …