Kitmaker is down?

I can’t get to the kitmaker site. I get a cloudware 521 erros since this morning. Forums seem to be running fine.

Try going thru the armorama site.

Cloudflare says is down. Been that way for a day or two.
Is it just me or is it down also says it’s down.

Thanks for posting that. I had restarted most of the servers a day or so ago to reset them and that one didn’t come back up normally I guess. It’s back up now.


Also the site is back up. It was down intentionally for a while though.

the wonders of IT :slight_smile:


@staff_Jim: By then way, and using this opportunity: So many years ago you were absolutely right picking out this professional software for forum and kitmaker sites.

The site may have lost some of its individuality and originality, but the end result is very professional and I am sure no-one would like to go back to the old situation.

I hope that the financial and worload pictures look as bright as the site itself



Thanks! Yes the forums are a massive improvement. I wish I could say the content sites were performing as well, but there are still some technical issues to overcome down the road. It’s a learning process.

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