KitMaker shirts

Hey all, I remember reading somewhere on the old forums that there were KitMaker shirts. Does anyone have info on this?


Yeah, I’d be interested in some Kitmaker and Armorama T-shirts.

I will get something back up in the coming months for you guys. I see that after 15+ years that Cafepress finally killed our stores on their site. All the products and pricing probably became to out-dated.


As long as black is an option. White shirts don’t show up against my lovely Irish skin.


Yeah, my Armorama shirt from 2006 is beginning to look a little ratty.


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Funny this topic came up, I was thinking the same a couple of days ago.


mee too. I’ll get one or two

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So where to buy them? The page on Cafepress doesn’t work.

Jim stated in his post that Cafepress closed the Armorama store.


I would love to rock a Kitmaker or Armorama baseball cap as well. :sunglasses:

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I did get one back in the old days… bright yellow with Armorama logo and my callsign. It doesn’t fit anymore, must have shrunk over time. :grin:

I would be interested to get another, a bit bigger perhaps. :innocent:


i never knew this store existed

What a cool idea!


I’d definitely buy a Model Shipwrights shirt!


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Long ago… back in the mists of time…

there was a ‘shopping’ module. It had links to all these things. I think I eventually moved from Cafepress to Spreadshirt (also closed my storefronts due to inactivity I assume). Ironically the VERY first shirts we did were embroidered Armorama items and that store is seemingly still working via the Corporate Casuals company in Boston. I bet it’s been a while since they have had an order though. :smiley:

My 2006 Armorama Tee Shirt. Showing some age…all the logo color is long gone. I won this shirt at the 2006 DragonCon. Jim Starkweather had announced online that anyone approaching him at the show and asking about the shirts would win one. No one had asked by the end of the second day so I took a chance :smirk:
Disclaimer: I had actually driven from northern California to the show in southern Cal with Jim. We met Vinnie Branigan (then the editor of Armorama) at LAX and he accompanied us to the show.


I would be interested also :+1:

Definitely up for a hat.
Probably up for T shirt

None of mine fit anymore… All a wee bit tight! New ones would be nice!

hint bump :grin:


An armorama hat would be neat!

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