Kits, Books, and Magazines for Sale

Last Updated 03/01/2024
Haven’t been very active here for a long time, but am still looking to sell off part of my stash. An updated list is below, and I will be adding more soon. Willing to accept reasonable offers as I’m downsizing. Would like to sell lots as is, but am willing to break them up.

I accept PayPal, USPS money orders and cash (at your own risk). If you want pictures of anything or have questions, just ask. Prices do not include shipping from zip 44240. I will ship internationally but keep in mind that shipping anything from the U.S. is very expensive.

Lindberg 72612: Dodge Grand Caravan LE; box open, parts still sealed insofar as they were sealed by the manufacturer ($5)

Airfix 05360 Monty’s Humber (white box, has minor damage from storage) ($10)

Academy 1328 Panzerkampfwagen IV Aus. H/J, box open, parts sealed ($7)
Academy 1332 Sturmgeschutz IV, box open, parts sealed ($7)
ALAN 004 Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf C, box open, parts sealed ($7)
ALAN 005 SdKfz 124 Wespe, box open, parts sealed ($7)
Matchbox 40992 M-42 Twin40 Duster, box open, some parts sealed in bag. Will need new tracks ($3)

Lot 1, German ($40)
CMK T35007: Sdkfz. 166 Brummbar; includes resin barrel, metal parts, and p/e; box open, kit is complete, parts still sealed in bag
CMK T35011: Morserzugmittel 35(t); includes resin and vacu-formed parts; box open, kit is complete, parts still sealed in bag

Lot 2 German ($30)
ICM 35151 Battle of Kursk, 1943, 3SS Panzergrenadier Division “Totenkopf”
Italeri 285: Bergepanther (SdKfz 179); box open, parts not bagged but complete; a few parts have fallen off the sprues but kit is unstarted)
Testors/Italeri: BMW R75 Motorcycle; vintage kit; box open, parts sealed
Zvezda 3523: German Command Tank; box open, parts sealed

Lot 3, Russian ($50):
AER 3503: ASU-57 (airborne SPG); box open, kit is complete, parts still sealed in bag
Alan ZV5003: Russian 3-ton Truck ZIS-5; box open, kit is complete, parts still sealed in bag
Cooperativa R35007: T-38 Russian Amphibian Tank; includes p/e; box open, kit is complete, parts still sealed in bag
ICM 35081 IT-28 Bridgelayer Tank; box open, parts sealed
Toga 01: T20 Komsomolyets Artillery Tractor; box open, parts sealed
Zvezda 3521: Katiusha; box and instructions in Russian; box open, parts sealed
Zvezda/Italeri: Red Army Field/Anti Tank Gun M-42; box and instructions in Russian; box open, parts sealed

Lot 5, Mirage Hobby Kits ($40); boxes open, parts sealed
Mirage Hobby 35303: Vickers E mk A
Mirage Hobby 35304: Vickers E mk B
Mirage Hobby 35307: Renault UE
Mirage Hobby 35308: t-26 wz37
Mirage Hobby 35309: OT-134/T26-C

Lot 6, RPM Kits ($25); boxes open, parts sealed
RPM 35004: PzKpfw TKS(p)/RA-43
RPM 35008: TK-SD
RPM 35058: TKS egz. Modelowy
RPM 35065: TKS

Lot 1, Miscellaneous ($20)
Academy 1310: WWII Ground Vehicle Set; box open; complete; parts still sealed in bag
AMC Models 72101: Bergepanzer Tiger Sdkfz 185 with p/e (hull started)
Czech Kits CK2015: ISU-122 (full resin kit, barrel has been attached to one piece hull, other parts still sealed. Box has some wear from storage)
IMEX 528: German Soldiers WWII; figures on sprue, no box
Zvezda 8222: Tree Set

Lot 2, Artillery ($50)
Hasegawa MB-032: German Morser Karl on Railway Carrier (kit is sealed)
Hasegawa MB-033: German Karl with Munitionspanzer IV

Lot 3, Airplanes ($20)
MPC 2-0106: Republic P-470 Thunderbolt with Crewmen (16 kits; 15 sealed, 1 open)

Lot 4 Spitfires ($20)
Academy 2130: Spitfire Mk XIVc; box sealed
Aero Team 7206: Spitfire Mk. 21
MPM C72025: Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XIX
MPM C72076: Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVIII

Lot 1, Fujimi ($12)
Fujimi WA-11: Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. G with Kubelwagen; box open, parts sealed
Fujimi WA-20: Kubelwagen with BMW R75; box open, parts sealed
Fujimi 38037: BMW R75 with Schwimmwagen; box open, parts sealed

Books (soft cover)
Classic Warships Publishing ($15):
Warship Pictorial 9: Yorktown Class Carriers (out of print)

Letterman Productions 2003 ($15 for both)
Project: LVT’s Amtanks (Vol. 1) LP008
Project: LVT’s Amtracs (Vol. 2) LP009

Squadron Signal 2011: Panther in Action ($8); like new
Squadron Walk Around 5703: US Tank Destroyers ($8); brand new, bought two by accident.

VLS Mastercon VIII (2000) ($3)

Books (hard cover)
Squadron Signal 65070: Heinkel He 111 Walk Around ($10); brand new, still in shrink wrap.

All magazines are in excellent condition.

Armor Models (Bi-Monthly; Euro Modelismo): ($4 each)
No. 2, 3, 10, 11, 12

Figure International ($3 each)
No. 11: oct 2004
No. 15: sep 2005

Fine Scale Modeler ($1 each)
1992: jul
1995: jan, nov
1997: feb, jul, nov (2)
1998: mar, dec
1999: dec
2000: feb, mar, apr, may, jul, sep, oct, nov
2001: jan, mar, apr, may, jul, oct, nov, dec
2002: apr, may, jul, sep, oct, nov
2003: jan, feb, mar, apr, may, sep, oct, nov
2004: jan, feb, mar, oct
2005: jan, feb, mar, apr, may, jul, sep, oct, nov, dec
2006: jan, feb, mar, apr, may, sep
2011: oct, nov, dec
2012: jan, feb

Military Armor International (French/English) ($2 each)
No. 7, 9 (1999-2000)

Military in Scale ($1 each):
1998: oct, dec
1999: jan, mar, apr, aug, sep, dec
2000: jan, feb, apr, may, jun, aug, nov, dec
2001: jan, feb, jul, sep, dec
2002: jul
2003: apr, jul

Military Modelcraft International ($1 each):
1997: mar, nov
1998: feb, jul, oct, nov
1999: jan-dec
2000: jan-dec
2001: jan, feb, apr, jul, oct
2003: mar, apr, may, jun, aug, sep
2004: may

Military Modelling ($1 each):
1996: jan, feb, mar, apr, jun, sep, oct, dec
1997: vol 27 no. 3, 4, 13
1999: vol 29, no. 2, 13, 15
2000: vol 30, no. 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13
2001: vol 31, no. 7, 8, 9, 12, 14

Military Vehicle Modeller International ($1 each):
No. 11, 12, 15 (2000-2001)

Scale Aviation Modeller International ($1 each):
Vol 13, no. 5 (May 2007)

Scale Auto ($1 each):
2004: feb

Scale Auto Enthusiast ($1 each):
1998: apr

Scale Models Collector International ($1 each):
Vol 36, issue 419 (2005)

Steel Masters (French; $4 each)
1999: 33, 34, 35
2000: 37
2001: 46, 47
2003: 56, 58
2004: 65
2005: 66, 67

Trains Magazine ($1 each)
2010: apr
2011: apr

Model Railroader ($1 each)
April 2015
February 2017

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Hi Im in MD 21102 wondering if anyone showed intertest in the Academy Stug IV for $7 ? Postage would have to be fair please. Thanks, Mike.

Hi. I’m interested in the figure lot. I’m in NYC, zip 10028. Cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris,
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