Kits FS/FT Mostly WW2, Some modern (USA Only preferred)

Hi all,
Photos available upon request. Combo sale. The first list is stuff I’m selling for me:

Tamiya 89785 LRDG with 20mm Breda $20
Dragon 9043 Imperial Series Jagdpanzer IV L/70 Command Version (factory sealed) $30
Dragon 6082 Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) “Zweischen Losung” $30
Dragon 6283 M4A3E8 Sherman “Ablin Irzyck” $25 SOLD SOLD SOLD
Dragon 6469 Flakpanzer 38t Gepard (factory sealed) $30
Eastern Express 35132 GAZ-66 w/antiaircraft ZU-23-2 $20
Bronco 35009 Humber Scout Car Mk I $20

Then there’s my brother’s list. He only builds planes now, and barely any at that, and so asked me to liquidate these. Sob story, but he’s getting divorced AND his wife basically cleaned out their savings on the way out the door. So if you buy any of these you’d be really helping out my brother a lot.

Tamiya 3559 T-34/76 1943 $15
Tamiya 35041 British Army M3 Grant $12
Tamiya MM178 Semovente M40-75/18 $12
Tamiya 35113 Sdkfz 250/3 Greif $13 SOLD SOLD SOLD
Tamiya 35112 Leopard A4 $20 SOLD SOLD SOLD
Tamiya 35056 Tiger I (factory sealed) $20
Academy 1391 Merkava Mk III $22
Academy 1375 M-18 Hellcat $22
Italeri 217 Panzer IV F1, F2, G (no decals) $12
Italeri 265 M47 Patton MBT $22
Italeri 302 ZIS-3 76mm Soviet AT Gun $5

All kits are complete (except for the missing decals in the one kit noted) including instructions. Parts are otherwise sealed (except the Italeri kits, since they don’t bag their parts, and the Hellcat has a couple of sprues not in shrink but all parts are there). A few boxes have soaked up some humidity or been banged around a bit, perhaps a small tear here or there. Prices do not include shipping. I’ll do the best I can there (shipping from 21093). Would prefer to deal with USA only, and I will entertain trades as well (Shermans always a good bet here, but there are too many kit interests for me to list here). You can mix and match from both lists; all kits are currently in my possession so no issues there. If my prices seem crazy feel free to make offers. I’m more likely to work with you if you’re interested in multiple kits, and I have full negotiating power for my brother’s kits, so you won’t have to wait for me to check with him or whatever. I know a lot of these kits aren’t the latest and greatest but many would be great for parts, bringing youth into the hobby, practicing techniques, etc.

Easiest way to reach me is biggsgalassi AT Put something in the title about kits for sale or whatever so I don’t ignore it.

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Hi Rob,
I sent you an email about one of your kits. If there’s a problem for some reason, you can e’mail me at
Regards,Bob C

Got it and responded.

I’ll do the M47 for 22…if u still have it.

Vettejack. It is still available. Email me directly and we’ll work out the details.

Sounds good.

John Legere
1850 Hamlin Court
Titusville, Florida 32780

How about I send you $40, cash, in a secure envelope///plenty for the kit, shipping, and keep the rest for your brother.


PM sent about the LRDG, T-34 and M3 Grant.


That is generous of you. PLEASE contact me off the site at my email address so I can provide you with my mailing address. Thanks!



Grant and T-34 are gone (I HATE that I cannot edit the original message anymore…unlike on other sites…so I haven’t updated what’s sold).

LRDG is still available if you’re interested in working something out.

Also, to you and anyone else reading this, I also now have an Italeri M109A2 Howitzer, Kit # 239 (kit opened but complete) available for sale as well. $22 + shipping or best offer. Would also entertain trades for this as well. I also have Italeri Desert Rats SAS Combat Car Landrover, kit #258. Kit appears complete, couple of parts off sprue but bagged with some notes (not mine). $12.

Merkava III still available, as are both Jagdpanzer IV, the Eastern Express AA truck, and the Bronco Humber Scout car.


The more time and posts here gives you permissions to edit your posts.

PM sent about the combat car and Howitzer and LRDG

That’s great.

I was only on Armorama since it started, but somehow when the switchover was made it didn’t recognize my username or PW, so I’m starting all over again I guess.

Yep, that happened to us all.

@Robin_Nilsson can explain it better then I.

This page explains the trust levels and how to move up between levels:

This forum is another implementation than the old one, everything except some names are new, so the user names and passwords were not carried over. This was both good and bad, we “lost” a bunch of spam accounts and members who hadn’t been active for many years and it aggravated many who lost their history. We all had to start over from scratch …

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Thanks, yeah, it is what it is.

I was fairly active here back in the day, had twins in 2010 and so mostly disappeared, and am now getting back into the hobby. No huge deal. I just don’t plan to write a new ad for kits I’m selling each time a kit sells.


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Hi all,

These are the kits that remain (added a few as well):

Tamiya 89785 LRDG with 20mm Breda $20
Dragon 9043 Imperial Series Jagdpanzer IV L/70 Command Version (factory sealed) $30
Dragon 6082 Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) “Zweischen Losung” $30
Bronco 35009 Humber Scout Car Mk I $20
Dragon 6254 King Tiger "Battle of the Bulge (factory sealed) $50
Italeri 258 Desert Rats S.A.S. Combat Car Land rover $15

Prefer $ via PayPal, but will consider some trades. I only work in 1/35. Looking for Dragon/MiniArt/Masterbox figures, T34 individual link tracks, all things Sherman, some newer Tamiya kits (Valentine, R35, a few others), Cavalier or ATAK zimmerit sheets, many other things, so try me.