Kitty Hawk 1/35 MH-60S M197 cannon question

I was just wondering if anyone else got shorted the resin pieces from 50015 the MH-60S Knighthawk for the M197 20mm gun ?

I picked up two of this kit and both are missing those parts. I’ve contacted Kitty Hawk, was just wondering if anybody else had this issue.

Now that I’ve got them all I can start my new project.

My MH-60S came with the resin/metal gun parts. I don’t plan on using the gun though. If you can’t get a replacement, let me know and we can work something out.

Nice collection. I too have most of them, minus the SH-60B (but I have the B decals for the F) and MH-60R.

Thanks a lot for the offer. I will let you know.

Just a heads up. Just heard back from Kitty Hawk models that the M197 20mm gatling gun for the MH-60S kit # KH0015 is no longer included in the kit, and won’t be in the future as well. They have discontinued releasing it with the kit as I found out with the recent two kits that I just got from them. From what I understand now Kitty Hawk will only put in special edition resin pieces with first issues of kits.

They did the same with the resin pilots/crew on the MH-60L and HH-60G initial releases as well. Now, neither kit comes with the resin crew figures.

I still have a couple of those.

Yup, me too.

FYI: For the MH-60S it is missing the ammo can, ammo chute, and power supply for the M197.


Another option is Werner’s Wings resin M197 Cannon Set (35-22). It includes the gun, ammo box, and power supply. You will still have to make or source the ammo feed chute though.