Kitty Hawk F-101 Voodoo

I know it’s a long shot but I wanted to see if anyone had a 1/48 Kittyhawk F-101 they want to part with. Needs to be kit number KH80114
As I would like to build an RCAF bird

If you are not able to come up w/the Kitty Hawk kit you might consider the Monogram bird and some AM decals, of which I currently have a surplus. Leading Edge 48006 for the line birds and Canuck Models WVD 48009 for 4 special show birds.

How are the old Monogram kits? Was a little out off by the raised panel lines. But hey! If it’s my only option who am I to complain

The Monogram Century series of jets are quite good. Yes, they are old kits w/raised panel lines but they are accurate in shape and not bad to build. They are also fairly easy to find under either the Monogram or the Revel label.

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