Kittyhawk Little Birds back as Storm Factory?

If so, I hope the moulds have been tidied up somewhat, as the Kittyhawk ones were a little lacking. I may even had a crack at doing the MH version with a Live Resin crew.


Interesting and great news. I wonder if Storm Factory is related to Trumpeter? Supposedly, Trumpeter bought the Kitty Hawk molds and such for their helicopter models. I hope they continue with the Kitty Hawk H-60s and the Hueys they were supposedly working on.

Apparently, Storm Factory is the new Kitty Hawk. Found a few other prior Kitty Hawk kits now listed as Storm Factory kits.

From Scalemates, former Kitty Hawk F5s.

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I am building a F-16E Block 60 Desert Viper from Kitty Hawk at this moment; its my first build from them and I am not impressed about it. Partial huge molding connectors, many mismatching part numbers and poor fit at some parts. Quite some amount of putty was necessary until now, but in the end it will look like a F-16…

I have only built a few of their 1/35 helicopters. They do not have the best directions and have some minor fit issues. In my opinion though, they are pretty good, bordering on great. They are the best 1/35 helicopters in my opinion. I hope they re-release the rest of Kitty Hawk’s catalog.

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