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If I had to face this in a Panzer IV even in a Panther, I would make for that little hatch at the bottom and crawl into the nearest ditch, from modeler Jesse Naughton and his incredible work on the ISU-152 a tank that was designed to level the playing field against the likes of the Jagd Tiger and Elfant. The diorama is just amazing the ISU-152 has been knocked out in its soft zone and the detail has to be seen to be believed

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Where did you buy the engine and the interior of the kit? Truly nice build.

Very nice diorama and perfect representation of the well known photo of the destroyed vehicle.


Er look, I don’t mean to detract, but is that Blu-tak underneath the figure’s left foot?

Compared to the actual photo, it looks pretty realistic.

It does appear that the figure has a chewing gum problem though…
I would set the Beast a wee bit deeper into the groundwork too.

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Really nicely built and finished model. Excellent groundwork also. As others have mentioned, the distractions are the super heavy (46+ tons) ISU-152 appearing to float on the ground, the figures foot in (presumably) blu-tac and what looks to be a large piece of blue tape(?) on the gun mantlet (really don’t know what that is or supposed to be).
But really, these are pretty insignificant compared to the rest of the build and finish.


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Same thoughts as above. … Very nicely done.


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Overall a superb job, so much to like about it. Thanks to paska for posting that photo, saved me making a fool of myself whining about where the debris was etc. Where is it in the original anyway - all blasted further away?

It also shows what a tricky job it was to guess the colour variations over the 152…not sure I agree with all of it (not enough scorching/oxidation?) but I’m only guessing too. So only a teeny criticism, the remains of the “40” on the port side should be visible. Who cares, fantastic work :+1: :+1:

The top of the engine and the gun breach are kit bashed from the Bronco SU-152 kit, and modified to look a bit more like the ISU. The rest is scratched and bits from the spares box.

In the photos with the blue tape…those just WIP pictures… Notice the lack of wheels. The tape held the gun assembly pin from falling out.

Ah, that explains it. I missed the wheels. Thanks for the explanation. Great build.


Great Job. You did a remarkable job on the burned out interior. The temptation of adding more “non-metal” ash would have been a big temptation, but you did just the right amount.

Ah…All the credit goes to Jesse for a job well done. I just posted a photo of the real deal for comparison purposes. :wink:

Just wanted to add…that is not a tank…excellent job overall, your definitely a professional modeler!!!