Koblenz armor museum recent trip

Hello Everyone,
Just returned from a 9 day work summit in Germany. I had little free time until Friday which was our free day. I decided, and my boss went with me (he’s an engineer) to the Koblenz Technical museum/Military museum.
Yes, It IS OPEN! Please, if you can, visit the museum they just opened back up after a several year absence due to covid/govt . I was one of maybe 5 people I saw all day. Free run of the facility to take pics, as long as they are for private use. A small 3 euro fee to enter. Plus there is an absolutely wonderful book store next door that helps the museum. I got a tour of the store by the owner. Wonderful gentleman, who I found out worked with Raytheon on the HAWK system.

Here is a pic of me and my Panther, But have nearly 300 pics as I only had 5 -6 hours to spend and did my best to photograph.

As I said, the museum needs our help. LOTS of one of a kind and prototype vehicles, (including an Kpz70/MBT-70) weapons, uniforms, some aircraft and an M-24 with its blades intact. Very impressive.


A few months ago I went to the Bovington Tank Museum which is a few hours train ride from London.


Great News. I am travelling to Germany in September and was hoping it would be open!

Very informative, thanks :clap:. Please post as many of the other Koblenz pics you think are good as you can.
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